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Which is the best hosting website for an eCommerce business?

First, you have to confirm 3 things about your website because each brand has something special for your eCommerce Website that going to solve many technical issues

  1. Monthly Traffic
  2. Development Platform
  3. Web Optimization Status

1. Monthly Traffic – Website traffic refers to the web users who visit your website. Web traffic is measured on visits, sometimes referred to as “sessions,” and is a common way to measure the effectiveness of an online business that attracts an audience. Suppose your eCommerce Website Monthly traffic approx. 25000 So you have to choose Hosting Plan accordingly, I recommend you to use VPS (Virtual Private Network) if your website has more than 20K Users per month but if your website is new then you can go with shared hosting. Hosting Companies used terms like unmetered or unlimited in their plans, It’s a Big Trap. Always remember one thing shared hosting means shared hosting, if you are buying shared hosting then you have to agree to share Disk space, Bandwidth, and all other resources of your Server with other users that may impact your website performance. For the new website or you can say new startups I’m using BlueHost and Miles Web Shared Hosting Plans, I have used their services for 3 years, and their technical support is really amazing, my clients never report any issues with their services. Never go for cheap Brands, you have no idea about loss, maybe you will lose millions to save some pennies

Nothing is Unlimited in this World So never forget to check Company’s Terms and Conditions

2Development Platform – If your website is developed on the WordPress platform then you have to choose Managed WordPress Hosting Because there are so many things you need to understand about WordPress Like

  • You Need Lots of Plugins For Additional Features
  • Frequent Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Website Vulnerability
  • Slow Page Speed
  • Website Can Go Down Without Notice

So you need a plan that provides Daily Backup ServicesProtection from Hackers, Self Optimization Tool for Website Speed, and SSD Disk

But If your website is built in PHP Language, Opencart Platform, Magneto, or any PHP Based CMS then you just need simple SSD Hosting with a Good SSL Certificate according to your web traffic because these are well optimized secure platforms for eCommerce

3Web Optimization Status – Website optimization is the process of using tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve website performance, continue to drive traffic, increase conversions, and increase sales.

How you can check your website’s optimization status?

There are so many websites available for free to check website optimization, personally, I’m using GT Metrix to check my client’s website performance

Check Screenshot below

If your website grades A then It’s well optimized but if your website grade is C, D, or F that means it is a serious problem and you have to resolve it ASAP otherwise it may impact your sales and conversion

If you need any help with your website Optimization, Migration or Development then feel free to contact me at

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